At LCC Community Trust we rely on the help and support of our generous and vital volunteers.

Our Volunteers come in many different guises, shapes and sizes…

Some have been on the receiving end of the help we offer, some are thankful for their own good fortune and want to help others less fortunate, some volunteer for a specific role and others give generously of their time, energy and commitment to the charity but do not even think of themselves as volunteers!

‘Volunteer’ does not mean amateur, many of our volunteers come from professional backgrounds and are willing to offer their expertise in those areas.

We want to acknowledge and thank everyone who volunteers for LCCCT, be it as a foodbank operative, befriender, fundraiser, campaigner or caterer – the roles are many and varied.

Download our Volunteer Strategy

Download our Foodbank Volunteer Handbook

Join us

If you would like to volunteer in one of varied roles at LCC Community Trust please contact us at admin@lcccommunitytrust.org.

Whether you have a specific skill or are just happy to help in any of our areas of need we would be delighted for you to help us… help others.