About Us

Welcome to our website. I hope it gives you a little bit of the flavour of LCC Community Trust.

We realise that life is a mix of physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and financial aspects, sometimes those different areas of life are wonderful, at other times they don’t run as smoothly as we would like. That is why we at LCC Community Trust have created a number of very diverse community based projects and initiatives.

  • Lisburn Foodbank is designed to help those in times of short term crisis. We strive to give people the breathing space to be able to turn things around by further signposting them to agencies which can assist them further.
  • Our CAP Money Courses give wonderful advice and help bring structure to our saving, spending and budgeting skills.
  • CAP Debt can offer both advice and counselling to those who find themselves in debt situations which have spiralled out of control.
  • Marriage and Reconciliation Courses are available for those struggling with personal relationships at various levels.
  • Many of us have addictions that we would love to be able to be free from, we have an number of options available to assist folk overcome their addiction.
  • Our community coffee shop Cafe@Inspirations is a wonderful space for all, with gourmet coffee and reasonable prices.
  • We have recently opened Fitness@Inspirations Gym and are very excited about the addition of Lisnagarvey Boxing Club which is open to those of all abilities and ages.
  • Musicland gives the opportunity for kids to develop their creativity in the area of music, arts and crafts.
  • Ideas Toolbox also creates an environment where business mentors can help those with a business idea or those who wish to investigate the world of business to listen, discuss and discover if business is for them or if their idea has real potential to succeed in the marketplace
  • Lisburn City Church is a comfortable and informal setting to learn about God and the Bible and how to make wise choices in your life. With folk of all ages and from all types of upbringing, background and nationality.

Please have a browse through our site to see how we might be able to help you.