About Us

LCC Community Trust aims to serve the local community through Projects which help people physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and relationally especially in areas of need and short term crisis.

LCC Community Trust Projects deliver services to people of all ages and backgrounds. Projects include Lisburn Foodbank, a Community Café space, ‘Kickstart’ Social Supermarket offering wraparound support services, ‘More than Food’ offering volunteer and work placements and Celebrating Diversity which raises awareness and acceptance of the different cultures represented in our community. The beneficiaries are those of all ages and abilities, mainly from a low income background, homeless, unemployed, BAME, isolated, disadvantaged, mental health problems, care leavers and single parent families. Our daily activities range from foodbank, social supermarket to holiday meals clubs and workshops offering support for basic life skills including budgeting and cookery skills. Using a holistic approach we tailor an individual support plan for service users to ensure the personal development plan is appropriate to their needs. We host a ‘Diversity’ project to include service users from BAME community and have just commenced English as a Foreign Language lessons.

We also occasionally work in schools and plan to use our community cafe in the afternoons as a ‘drop in’ for the 5 local high schools within a 3 minute radius. We will be running mental health support sessions to allow our young people to learn how to understand their own mental health better as well as become advocates for each other to offer peer to peer support.

Please have a browse through our site to see how we might be able to help you.