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LCC Community Trust aims to serve the local community through Projects which help people physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and relationally especially in areas of need and short term crisis.

Our service users are of all ages and abilities, we particularly seek to engage those from low income backgrounds, homeless, unemployed, BAME, isolated, disadvantaged, mental health problems, care leavers and single parent families. Our daily activities range from running the Lisburn Foodbank and Social supermarket to summer scheme and workshops offering support for basic life skills including budgeting and cookery skills. We host a ‘Diversity’ project to include service users from BAME community and we run English as a Foreign Language lessons (ESOL).

We use our Inspire cafe as an event space throughout the week for activities including an after schools ‘drop in’ for local primary school pupils and ‘Youngins’, a club to encourage and foster young people’s talents. We run mental health support sessions to allow vulnerable adults in our community to learn how to understand their own mental health better as well as become advocates for each other to offer peer to peer support.

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Our Mission
Our Mission

The mission and purpose of LCC Community Trust is to add value to people of all ages and backgrounds, through meeting peoples’ needs in a practical and holistic way and by creating opportunities for encouragement, mentoring, personal growth and skills development.

We have had great success in helping people move from crisis to stability and from unemployment to employment. We have been able to integrate and develop relationships amongst 12 different nationalities and create a space for inclusion with the opportunity for all to belong.

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Our Values

For LCC Community Trust our core values are the both the guiding light and rudder of our organisation. We run our organisation with a spirit of excellence, integrity and diligence. The stewardship and appreciation of the time, talent and treasure of staff, volunteers and benefactors are at the forefront of our thinking.

Having a great attitude to serving our community is paramount and creates an inspirational and fun environment for staff, volunteers and service users. We love to empower individuals with the confidence and self belief to take on new challenges.

Our 6 Pillars


Our Accomplishments

We are delighted to have our community work acknowledged by the following accomplishments:

We also celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2019 to recognise and reward the fantastic work of all our volunteers and projects.

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Our Impact

We marked the 10th Anniversary of the Foodbank in June 2023 by publishing our new Impact Card 2022-23 which summarises the incredible work done in all of our projects. We also released some case study videos which capture the voices and moving stories of our clients and highlight the importance of our wrap-around support services, which can be found on our YouTube channel.

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